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About Us

Hi! I’m Natty and Ev is my other half.

We met straight out of year 12 at Schoolies. If you’re not from Australia, Schoolies is kind of like Spring Break, I suppose. Basically, whether you’re 18 (legal drinking age in Australia) or not and you’ve just completed your secondary school education, you flock with all the other school leavers to the coastal towns in Australia for a week for some much deserved fun and games.

We both went to Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and met through mutual friends. I guess you can say one particular friend, Elly, really brought us together and she still takes all the credit. We were married after 5 years together in January 2011. Not long after, we moved from Australia to Seattle, USA for Ev’s work.

I completed my B. Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne in Australia; I’m a self-confessed dessert-aholic who loves to cook but especially bake; I love to travel/explore the great outdoors and can happily lose myself in a good book for an entire weekend, much to Ev’s chagrin.

He takes care of the savoury side of our dinner parties – he’s a flavour genius. He’s also a computer geek (but he’ll deny it) and he can make or fix just about anything… that he may or may not have broken to begin with. Ev is more of a water sport person, although if I nag enough he will come hiking with me! The dogs have trained him very well.

Our eldest dog, 7 years old as of July 2014. He’s a spoodle (cockapoo) that we’ve had since a puppy when we were still back home in Australia. He’s too smart and independent for his own good and he’s taught Nellie all of his bad habits. He also has an affinity for mud and frequently displays this talent when we’re hiking.

Nellie Belly 
Our second dog, she’s a 4 year old spoodle (as of November 2013) that we adopted from a breeder up in Camano Island, WA not long after we moved over, because she needed re-homing. She’s shy to begin with but an absolute darling after she gets to know you – except when she’s in play mode. Only her “calm down crate” can stop her.

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